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JOYS Gymnastics began over 50 years ago as a program of the Michiana YMCA. Mrs. Kathy Brothers was our program's first (and to date, only) Head Coach. When selecting a name for the program, she chose JOYS because the team listened to "Ode to Joy" while practicing in the gym. Over the next four decades, the gymnastics program grew to include a thriving class program, as well as an award-winning competitive team. Then, in 2012, the Michiana YMCA made the difficult decision to end its gymnastics program. We, the parents - both of class students and team members - knew how vital an affordable gymnastics program was, not only to our children, but to the community as a whole. We begged, and pleaded, even went to our local media outlets asking the community for their support for the continuation of our program . . . and the YMCA graciously agreed to allow us to continue to utilize their facilities through that Spring; giving us time to find a new home. Having overcome many challenges and obstacles along the way - through the unwavering support of the parents and children of our "family" - we have found our home! JOYS Gymnastics is back - - and this time, we're staying!

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Come Visit Us

Monday – Friday: 3:45 – 7:30pm
​​Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 2pm

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