--WHAT TO WEAR to class

All children should wear comfortable clothing!

Boys can wear short/sweatpants and a t-shirt

While we do sell leotards for girls
it is NOT required that they wear them.
They may wear shorts and a t-shirt
(we do suggest they tuck in their shirt
so it doesn't fly up when they are tumbling!)

For safety reasons, we must insist that all girls
have their hair pulled back away from their face.
(longer hair should be put in a ponytail, braid, etc.)

In the colder weather, most children
wear sweatpants over their shorts and then
remove them once they've warmed up.

NO cropped or halter sport topsĀ 
which show bare mid-sections.

NO jeans, belts or buckles may be worn
(they may scratch and damage the equipment - and your child!)

No shoes are required for gymnastics.
Your child may wear socks - but that is a personal preference!