TEAM TRY-OUTS Information


JOYS Gymnastics will be conducting


for all interested gymnasts on

SUNDAY, June 25th  at 2:00pm

If your daughter is at least 6 years old;

has a LOVE for gymnastics;

is willing to commit to our team’s criteria;

and is proficient in the necessary skills

(please see below)

she is welcome to try-out and be evaluated by our team’s coaching staff.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact

Amy James, Team Coordinator

 JOYS Gymnastics began over forty years ago as a program within the Michiana YMCA.  It has grown to include an award-winning competitive team under our Head Coach, Kathy Brothers.

Team gymnasts practice year-round to build and maintain strength and skills.  New skills are learned and perfected during the off-season.  As a member of our team, your daughter will be expected to commit her time and energy on a year-round basis as well.

 Our practice schedule is:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00pm – 7:30pm.  Your daughter would be expected to practice a minimum of two of those days every week.

Team Fees are currently $120.00/month for Level 2 and $140.00/month for Level 3.  These fees are calculated on an annual basis and  include all competition fees, leotard, warm-ups and practice costs.

 As a non-profit organization JOYS Gymnastics and its competitive team depend on the support of our member families to succeed.  Our team must cover all of their expenses as well as a portion of our organization’s.  This is accomplished not only through the team fees you pay, but by actively participating in fundraisers held throughout the year.  So, in addition to team fees, a minimum fundraising goal is set every year which must be met by each family.

 Our competition seasons are March through May and November through January.  In addition to the meets we host at our facility, we usually travel to approximately eight meets at neighboring gyms (generally within a one hour drive of the South Bend area).



        Handstand Vault

        Running Technique

        Power off Vault Board



        Back-Hip Circle



        Jump to Front Support

        Walk on Releve’ (tip-toe)




        Handstand (hold for one second)


        Bridge or BackBend Kickover

        Backward Roll


        Split Jump

 Additionally a positive attitude and ability to learn new skills 

and/or routines quickly will be evaluated.