Our Head Coach, Kathy Brothers has been the leader (as well as heart and soul) of JOYS Gymnastics for nearly 50 years.
 And although we are hopeful that she will be able to guide us for many more years, we realize that it may not be possible. 

Therefore, Kathy, along with our Executive Board of Directors, is interviewing applicants for an Assistant Head Coach. 

 It is our intention that this applicant would spend time being mentored by Kathy and assume the 

Head Coaching position at JOYS Gymnastics upon Kathy’s retirement. 

JOYS Gymnastics is at a cross-roads in determining our future path toward continued success. 

 This would be an excellent opportunity for an experienced Coach to have a lasting impact 

on the future of our storied organization. 

Our ideal candidate will have: 

· solid coaching experience; 

· as well as an understanding of fundamentals and skill progressions; 

· excellent spotting skills; 

· additionally strong organizational skills, and the ability to lead others will be required; 

· excellent communication skills, including the ability to verbally communicate with gymnasts, parents and subordinates; 

· energetic demeanor and positive approach to teaching, training and competition, 

· USAG Professional Membership and passing of a Background Screening. 

If you might be interested in this position, please contact 

Ms. Rhonda Longley 

Executive Board, Vice-President