Pre-School Class Descriptions

JOYS Gymnastics


Class Descriptions

Tumblin' Tots

Boys and Girls (2 years old) with parent

A great way to have fun with Mom or Dad while your child develops their basic motor skills. Under our instructors’ direction, you will assist your child in improving their ability to balance, jump, swing and run; as well as eye-hand coordination and other motor skills. They'll be having so much fun; they won't even realize they're learning!

Tumbling 1

Boys and Girls (3-4 years old)

Our instructors will introduce your child to the basic gymnastics skills (somersaults, cartwheels, handstands); and teach them age-appropriate skills on all gymnastics apparatus (balance beam, bars, and vault). All in a fun and safe environment!

Tumbling 2

Boys and Girls (5 years old)

As your child continues to improve, this class will allow them to fine-tune their skills and learn more advanced techniques on all the gymnastic equipment.

Tumble Time

Boys and Girls (2 – 5 years old)

This is a great opportunity to allow your preschoolers free-play on our gymnastics equipment! Children can use their imagination and create their own games!
It’s a great way for them to get some exercise when the weather turns cold. 
Our staff is available to monitor the safety of your child(ren).