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1.  JOYS Gymnastics, Incorporated is welcoming to all persons regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin, religious affiliation or ability to pay.

2.  Only those with an income at or below 150% of the poverty levels (as determined  by the Federal Government), or those who have had an extenuating circumstance which has temporarily reduced their income are eligible to apply.



4.  All applications need to be completed in full and are completely confidential.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

5.  Applicants must submit income documentation, letter why assistance is needed and any other supporting materials with their application.

6.  Applications should be turned into the Office Manager and are due the 28th of each month.

7.  Assistance is limited to between 25% - 50% of fee; meaning all approved applicants will be asked to pay the remainder of their fee.

8.  All financial assistance applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at their monthly meeting (usually the first Thursday of the each month).

9.  Financial assistance is granted at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors based on the amount of money needed and allotted to the assistance fund.

10.  A member of the Board of Directors will notify each applicant of the resolution of their application.

11.  To renew your financial assistance, you will need to submit a new application prior to the expiration of the previous application in order to avoid a lapse in coverage.

12.  To reapply for assistance you will be asked to submit a letter stating how the assistance has helped your family.



13.  Assistance is given for the following time period:

        a.  Class Session            (3) months                      b.  Team Fees                 (6) months

14.  All applicants that receive assistance will be required to volunteer (5) hours (during 3 month period) for class assistance; and (10) hours (during 6 month period) for team assistance.  Failure to complete your volunteer hours will result in immediate loss of financial assistance and a one year ban from further assistance.

The Office Manager will maintain a record of all volunteer hours assigned and completed and will forward this information to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis for their review

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